Spring Kaleidoscope Program Begins March 6th/8th
Date Posted: Tuesday, 27th February 2018

The SEES Spring Kaleidoscope after school enrichment program begins March 6th/8th. Offerings include Bricks 4 Kidz, Challenge Island, Championship Chess, Dodgeball, Club Fiesta, and TGA Tennis. See the Registration Form for details!

Registration forms are due now. If you are paying by check, please make the check payable to the vendor. Registration is first-come, first-served. Questions about the programs offered? Please contact the vendor or Ms. Cooper at [email protected].

Thanks for supporting our after school enrichment program!

Introducing the SEES Book Bowl!
Date Posted: Thursday, 22nd February 2018

We are extremely excited to announce the SEES Book Bowl! This is an optional competitive reading program for grades 1-8.

How does it work?
Beginning the in Fall, each student who chooses to participate is required to read 5-10 books from a list provided at the Book Bowl kick-off. Students are asked to purchase their first book and then donate it to the “sharing library” in the media center so that others can borrow it. Upon completion of each book, students will complete an activity to demonstrate understanding of the book they read. In the second half of the school year, students will be placed on teams of six players, based on grade level. The teams prepare to compete in “Book Battles” that will take place after we return from Spring Break.

What are “Book Battles”?
Book Battle programs are competitions similar to jeopardy or quiz games, but questions come from the controlled list of books that participants read in preparation for the matches. Our battles will take place between teams here at SEES.

How are the Book Battles structured?

  • On match day, there will be a judge, score keeper, time keeper, and a person to read the questions. (This person may be the same as the judge.)
  • Team order in the tournament will be randomly selected.
  • Questions are all in the same format: “In which book …?”
  • Answers are always in the form of the title and author of the book. A maximum of 3 points per question is possible (2 for title and 1 bonus point for author).
  • If an answer or only part of an answer (i.e., title only or author only) cannot be furnished by a team, the other team may answer and receive partial points for that question.
  • Each person will answer a few questions during the actual match; however, each team will confer before the final answer. It will be very important that all team members show up for all the matches if they choose to do this.

Who makes sure the team members are reading?

SEES Staff “coaches” will be monitoring each group’s progress, but it is ultimately up to the students to make sure that they read the books on the list. A team leader will be elected after teams are formed to assist parents and coaches.

Program info, permission form and book list by grade level can be downloaded via the links below.

Book Bowl Grades 1-2
Book Bowl Grades 3-5
Book Bowl Grades 6-8