Bus Service

St. Edward-Epiphany School offers bus service as available and based on demand. Routes are determined during the summer and sent to families requesting service. Once routes are finalized, additional riders will need to choose an existing stop.

Due to the number of buses and constraints of traffic, street layouts, and logistics, not every request for bus service can be accommodated.

The school reserves the right to suspend bus service if road conditions, driver availability, or other hazards warrant the need to halt service regardless of whether or not school is in session. In these cases, extended care is available to affected families at no extra charge. No bus fee refunds will be given.

Occasional riders may use the bus as space allows using existing bus stops. Parents may purchase tickets in the front office.

Transportation questions should be directed to [email protected].

Morning Drop-Off

Morning drop off is in back of the school. You will be directed by staff members. Cars should pull forward as far as possible before discharging students in order to achieve maximum efficiency. Student Safeties will escort younger children. Should you need more time with your students, please pull into the Grove parking section so traffic may continue to flow.

There is no left turn into the parking lot.

Afternoon Pickup

Staff members will direct traffic based on single car riders or multiple riders (carpool). Single riders are picked up in the Grove, and carpool riders by the back sidewalk.

There is no left turn into the parking lot.

NOTE: The only students permitted to enter through the front doors in the morning are children accompanied by faculty and staff members.