Sponsors Needed for SEES Publications
Date Posted: Friday, 21st December 2018

St. Edward-Epiphany Catholic School is seeking businesses to help underwrite the cost of our take-home Red & White folders and our Parent/Student handbooks. If you would like to participate in these ad programs, please fill out the bottom portion of the sponsorship form and return it to the school office, or call our printer directly (see form for contact information).

Our children receive the folders and handbooks FREE because of the advertisements.

As always, we appreciate your support!

Leader in Me: Family Update
Date Posted: Thursday, 20th December 2018

During the holiday season, many families look for ways to help others in need. If your family’s time is limited, consider just one or two projects a year and make them a family tradition – for example, making and donating gift baskets to care facilities for the elderly around the holidays.

Why should your family lend a helping hand?
  • It is what we are called to do at Christmas
  • It feels good
  • It strengthens your community
  • It can strengthen your identity as a family


What can children learn from volunteering?
  • A sense of responsibility – children learn about commitment, to be on time, do their best, and be proud of the results.
  • One person, one family can make a difference – children learn that they and their family can have an impact on someone or something else.
  • The benefit of sacrifice – children learn that there are important things besides themselves.
  • Cooperation and unity – children learn that working together as a family can unite the family and that two heads are better than one.
  • Job skills – children learn about fields that may help them decide on future careers.
  • How to fill idle time wisely –children learn to use time to help others.

Ultimately, children learn that we’re all responsible for the well-being of our communities. Whatever community service you choose, your community and your family will benefit.

November/December Family Activities

Story Time
Read a book together that showcases the importance of helping others or that celebrates the joy of giving thanks for the advent season.

Sharing Time
Set aside some time to share one thing that you are thankful for about each of your family members.

Prayer Time
Choose a favorite prayer or Bible verse that you think speaks to the importance of giving thanks.

Teaching time
Our parents are our first teachers. Talk to your child about the importance of gratefulness, especially during the Advent season.

Family Time
Work together to get prepared to host family and friends for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas.