Guest Speaker at SEES Climbed the Highest Mountain on All 7 Continents
Date Posted: Saturday, 2nd May 2015

On Wednesday, April 22, 2015, Dr. Bob Sullivan of Lynchburg captivated SEES students with his incredible journey up Mt. Everest in 2012 … and his expeditions to the world’s six other highest continental summits. He shared with the students how he channeled his strong Christian faith to overcome the physical and mental hardships of such difficult climbs.

Dr. Sullivan is a pediatrician in Lynchburg, VA and began his journey to summit all 7 mountains in 2009. He is one of about 350 people in the United States who has accomplished this feat. As far as anyone can remember, he is the first Virginian to do this.

Dr. Sullivan is the oldest nephew of Dr. Chalkley, our librarian. To read more about Dr. Sullivan, please click here.