Date Posted: Friday, 12th March 2021

The SEES Religion teachers have selected St. Francis Home for our schoolwide Lenten outreach this year. As some of you know, for years the 5th graders of SEES made regular visits to SFH to visit and play bingo with the residents, and last year the 3rd grade made two visits before the pandemic began. So we felt that it was important for the residents to know that SEES has not forgotten them!

We have committed to creating and delivering Easter baskets for the 79 residents. Each homeroom teacher has a box to collect donations beginning this week; please see below for details about the items. In addition, each homeroom will be praying specifically for 4 residents during the remainder of Lent and making cards for them.

Donations will be collected now through March 26. On 3/29 and 3/30, study hall students will sort and pack the items, which will be delivered on Wednesday, March 30.

Here are the items requested by grade level:

JK and K: Sugar-free candy
1st and 2nd: Colored pencils
3rd and 4th: Sketch books (does not need to be artists’ quality)
5th (Mrs. Young) and 6th: Modeling clay
5th (Mrs. Stackow) and 7th/8th: Large-print crossword puzzle book

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Morley at [email protected].