Date Posted: Sunday, 16th May 2021

After one year off, the Maher Haircut Challenge is back for the 7th time. SEES will be raising money to support the Children’s Hospital Foundation benefiting the Children’s Hospital of Richmond. Mr. Maher has not had his hair cut in two years!

Each homeroom that raises $500 or more will win a popsicle party.

The homeroom in Pre-K through 4th that raises the most money will also win a pizza party.

The homeroom in 5th-8th that raises the most money will also win a pizza party AND the grand prize of shaving Mr. Maher’s head in whichever style that they choose. The more embarrassing, the better!

Please visit or text SEEScuts4kids to 76278 to donate online and make sure to name your student’s homeroom on the donation page. The deadline for donations is May 17, 2021.

The Haircut Challenge has raised over $40,000 for charity in 6 years! Thank you for your continued support!

Visit for more information.

Please send questions to [email protected].