Date Posted: Monday, 15th August 2016

All lists correspond with your child’s grade for the 2016-17 school year

School Supplies 2016-17

Pre-K Supply — Revised 6/9/16
Kindergarten Supply
1st Grade Supply
2nd Grade Supply
3rd Grade Supply
4th Grade Supply
5th Grade Supply
6th-8th Grade Supply — Revised 7/20/16

Summer Reading Lists 2016

No Pre-K reading list assignments
Kindergarten Reading
1st Grade Reading
2nd Grade Reading
3rd Grade Reading
4th Grade Reading
5th Grade Reading
6th-8th Grade Reading — Revised 6/9/16

Summer Math Practice 2016

No Kindergarten math assignments
PreK – Packet for Incoming Preschoolers – Math, Science, Reading skills practice
1st Grade Summer Fun Packet – Kindergarten review
1st Grade Math
2nd Grade Math
3rd Grade Math
4th Grade Math
5th Grade Math — Revised 6/7/16
6th Grade Math
7th Grade PreAlgebra
8th Grade Algebra 1
8th Grade Geometry
4th-8th Grade Math IXL Work Packet — downloads in Excel format