Parent Involvement Program (PIP)

The primary purpose of our Parent Involvement Program is to:

  • Maximize the success of our students through parental involvement at school
  • Keep tuition to a minimum by drawing on the many talents of our families
  • Promote community

Volunteer Hour Guidelines 

Our Parent Involvement Program requires each family to volunteer 15 hours per school year.

PIP Hours can be all HSA Hours or a collective of HSA Hours and Instructional Hours, with no more than five hours of instructional time and a minimum of 10 HSA Hours.

For example:

  • You may have 15 HSA Hours and 0 Instructional Hours
  • You may have 12 HSA Hours and 3 Instructional Hours
  • You may have 10 HSA Hours and 5 Instructional Hours

Uncompleted HSA hours will be billed at the end of the school year at a rate of $30 per hour.

HSA Hours. Volunteer opportunities for HSA Hours are made available by the event chair and/or event lead through the Track It Forward program. HSA Hours are typically events/volunteer hours associated with fundraising and/or reducing costs for the school. Examples of HSA Hours: Golf Tournament, Auction, Lunch Volunteer, Fall Festival, Box Tops, Coaching, etc. While the event chair and/or Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for approving hours, it is each family’s responsibility to make sure their hours are recorded and approved.

Instructional Hours. Volunteer opportunities for Instructional Hours are made available by your classroom teacher and/or room parent. Instructional Hours are typically associated with academics.  Examples of Instructional Hours: Field trip chaperone, mystery reader, classroom holiday parties, performing duties to help the teacher, library aide, etc. While the teacher and/or room parent are responsible for approving hours, it is each family’s responsibility to make sure their hours are recorded and approved.

Submitting Hours

All volunteer opportunities/sign-ups/schedules will be made available through the Track It Forward program. You must log in to your account and sign up for all volunteer opportunities. Hours will then be approved electronically through the Track It Forward program by the event coordinator, teacher, and/or room parent.

Questions?  If you have questions about a volunteer opportunity and/or your hours, please check with the coordinator of the event or the HSA Volunteer Coordinator.

Visitors and Volunteering

Each parent must be up to date with VIRTUS training and have a current volunteer consent form on file prior to any volunteer responsibilities at school.

The Catholic Diocese of Richmond is committed to ensuring that diocesan institutions and ministries provide a safe and nurturing environment for children, young people and vulnerable individuals. The mission of the Diocesan Safe Environment Program is to create a safe environment incorporating the standards as outlined in the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People.

  • When coming to school for a volunteering commitment or school event EVERY person must check in and get a badge. For safety, the Rapter Check-in system requires everyone to use their license for admittance to the school with no exceptions.
  • Parents are not allowed in the classrooms unless it is for an organized instructional event or class party. This is to protect our student’s instructional time and school safety.
  • It is necessary to check out on the computer upon leaving the building.

For questions about volunteering and visitor policies, please contact the School Office.