Pledge to Donate

A pledge is a commitment to make a donation in the future. Once a pledge is made, the donor will be considered a participant in the campaign and will stop receiving Annual Fund solicitations. For tax purposes, a gift is recognized on the date of payment, not the initial pledge date. By making a pledge, a donor defers payment of their gift (in accordance with tax planning or other financial reasons) to a future date of their choosing during the current Fiscal Year. This enables the donor flexibility while allowing the School to budget for the following year more accurately.

Annual Fund Giving Levels

The King Edward Society: unrestricted gifts of $1,000 and up

Circle of Saints: unrestricted gifts of $500 – $999

Eagles: unrestricted gifts of $100 – $499

Friends: unrestricted gifts up to $99

Please mail your donation to:

The Annual Fund
St. Edward-Epiphany Catholic School

10701 West Huguenot Road
Richmond VA 23235