Lunch & Recess

  • There are 3 lunch periods, each lasting about 25 minutes. Some students bring their lunches while others buy.  Lunches are ordered online in advance. Lunch is ordered through outside vendors such as Chick-fil-A and Papa Johns. The highlight of the day for most students is outside recess after lunch.

Merit & Demerit System

  • Demerits and merits are given in grades 4-8.  Demerits are given to students who have not followed rules, are disrespectful, fight with others, or cause destruction of property. Merits are awarded for effort, achievement, and behavior that is extraordinary.

What is a Tag Day?

  • A Tag Day is a day that students are allowed to pay $1.00  in exchange for the opportunity to wear non-uniform clothing. Collections for Tag Days go to a worthwhile charity. Watch your calendar for these designated days. Free Tag Days are also earned by students and entire classes for various reasons. School-wide Tag Days will be communicated in advance. Kids may also use earned Free Tag Days at their discretion on any day other than School Mass Days or school days where the Administration specifically asks that students refrain from using Tag Day passes.  Parents also have many opportunities to earn Free Tag Day passes for their students from time to time, mostly by attending meetings and volunteering.

Weekly Flag Ceremony

  • Students gather every Tuesday morning for the pledge of allegiance and national anthem.

8th Grade Flag Duty

  • Students from 8th grade are chosen to raise and lower the American flag every school day.

8th Grade Sweatshirts

  • One of the perks of being an 8th grader is the 8th grade sweatshirt.  The graduation year is on the sleeve and the names of all of the 8th grade students are printed on the back.  Students can wear these with their uniforms.