What modes of transportation can I use to get my child(ren) to school?

  • There are three transportation options for St. Edward-Epiphany students: Bus, Walk or Car Riders – Singles and Carpools.

Who can ride the bus?  How does bus transportation work for younger students?

  • St. Edward-Epiphany students are very lucky to be offered the option of bus transportation to and from school. All students are eligible to ride the bus. Bus transportation can be round trip (to and from school) or students can just ride one way. St. Edward-Epiphany has developed a “Guardian Angel” buddy system, where middle school students pair with younger students who may need guidance getting off and on the correct bus and getting to and from their classrooms.

How do I sign up for the bus service?

  • If you did not already sign-up for the bus service when completing your St. Edward-Epiphany Contract, it’s not too late. Please contact the school office for information.

What if we only need occasional bus service?

  • Occasional bus service can also be arranged. Parents/students can purchase bus tickets in the school office at $5.00 per one-way trip. A book of 10 tickets for $30.00 is also available.

What are the procedures for walkers?

  • Students who walk to school are asked not to come to the school playground before 8:00 am.  At afternoon dismissal, walkers are to leave the school from the back doors of the building; they must leave the grounds immediately because of the procedure for car rider dismissal. Students, who are walkers, may not walk between cars waiting to pick up car rider students.

What are the single car rider/carpool lines about? Why am I getting redirected?

  • Carpool lines are designed with efficiency in mind. Parents will be thoroughly versed at orientation as to how the lines should work. Please follow all drop-off and pick-up procedures, but above all, please pull all the way up and remember to stay off of your phones when going through the lines.

How and when are students transported off school grounds for special events? How and when are parents notified?

  • When students are transported off-campus (usually using the St. Edward-Epiphany school buses or chartered buses), parents will be sent a permission slip to authorize students to leave the school campus. If parents do not sign the required permission slip, the student may not participate in off-campus events.

Where do school safeties get dropped off in the morning?

  • If your child is a school safety, he or she should be dropped off at the corner of the school near the back door of Father Herbert Hall. They will then proceed to the main rear entrance and enter there. Parents of safeties may drive through the front entrance of the school, but should not stop in the front, but rather proceed to the safety drop off corner. Other students need to be dropped off in the normal carpool line. Parents please proceed to the line after the safety is dropped off.

Note: The only students that are permitted to enter through the front doors in the morning are children of faculty and staff members and those who may be carpooling with them.