Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a full-time guidance counselor for students?

  • The school contracts with Commonwealth Catholic Charities to have a school social worker on site one day a week. Our student support person is here on Tuesdays from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm and is available to assist teachers, parents and/or students with issues or problems.

What is the E3 Program? How are resources for special needs students determined and by whom?

  • The Exceptional and Enrichment Education Program (E3) is a resource program available for all students who have been formally diagnosed with a learning deficiency. Students eligible for resource services are determined by the Academic Resources Team.   The E3 program is also in charge of our Enrichment program for 3rd through 8th grade students.

What is the Speech Program? How are candidates for the program determined?

  • The Speech & Language Therapist screens all new Preschool, Kindergarten and Primary students to determine those individuals who may need speech therapy. Once screened, the therapist assesses individual needs using a variety of age appropriate devices. The Speech Therapist is available to perform auditory scans designed to detect more serious auditory deficiencies. If speech tutoring or resource assistance is needed, the therapist schedules this with the classroom teacher.

Are there special provisions made for learning disabled students? What are they?

  • Saint Edward-Epiphany attempts to meet the needs of every individual student. Minor classroom accommodations are possible for a student with a learning deficiency.

Can regular feedback from teachers be requested in addition to the twice-yearly conferences? How is this arranged?

  • Each teacher maintains a classroom Edline page, and all families will receive log-in information for their child’s Edline account.  This page is a great resource for questions about classwork and assignments.   Also, the weekly Red/White Folder is used for consistent ongoing communication between home and school. In addition, each teacher has their own email and voice mail.

Are curriculum expectations defined and available to parents before the start of the school year?

  • St. Edward-Epiphany follows the Diocese of Richmond Consensus Curriculum for each subject area. There are specific guidelines for each subject taught at the elementary level. The diocesan directives are broad based and are in no way to be confused with the public school SOL’s.