Safe Environment Training (VIRTUS)

Please be advised that in order to volunteer at school in any capacity EVERYONE is required to complete the following:

Read a copy of the Diocesan Safe Environment Regulations Booklet and sign an acknowledgement of having received and read the booklet. Return the Acknowledgement Form to the school office.

Complete a Volunteer Application Form to authorize a nationwide background search for each volunteer.

Attend a 3-hour VIRTUS awareness training session offered through the parishes in the Richmond Diocese. Once you receive your certificate verifying you have completed the course the certificate must be submitted to the school office. Go to to register for a training session. Click on Registrations; then select Richmond, VA (diocese) to show local sessions.

Additionally, each volunteer is urged to register with the VIRTUS On-Line website and read monthly education bulletins to keep the volunteer aware of information to ensure the safety of all children.

All of the forms are available in the school office, and may be downloaded below. When you attend the VIRTUS training sessions they may also give you these forms to complete. ALL FORMS SHOULD BE COMPLETED AND RETURNED TO THE SCHOOL OFFICE TO BE FILED. There is no fee involved.

If you are not sure if you have completed all the above steps, please call Cinthya Duke in the office (272-2881). NO ONE SHOULD BE VOLUNTEERING IN THE SCHOOL UNTIL THESE REQUIREMENTS ARE COMPLETE!!


Safe Environment Booklet
Safe Environment Form
Volunteer Application Form