Date Posted: Saturday, 3rd June 2017

All lists correspond with your child’s grade for the 2017-18 school year

School Supplies 2017-18

Pre-K Supply
Kindergarten Supply
1st Grade Supply
2nd Grade Supply
3rd Grade Supply
4th Grade Supply
5th Grade Supply
6th-8th Grade Supply

Summer Reading Lists 2017

No Pre-K reading assignments
Kindergarten Reading
1st Grade Reading
2nd Grade Reading
3rd Grade Reading
4th Grade Reading
5th Grade Reading
5th Grade Reading Activity Sheets
6th-8th Grade Reading

Summer Math Practice 2017

ICE CREAM PARTY for all students who complete their Math practice assignments by August 21!!

  • Splash Math URL (1st Grade):
  • IXL URL (2nd Grade and above):
  • Log in using the credentials supplied for your child in the summer math packet
  • Username is case sensitive and does not contain spaces

Kindergarten Math Practice
1st Grade Math Practice
2nd Grade Math Practice
3rd Grade Math Practice
4th Grade Math Practice
5th Grade Math Practice
6th Grade Math Practice
Pre-Algebra Math Practice
Algebra Math Practice
Geometry Math Practice
Math 8 Practice

Summer Spanish Practice 2017

7th Grade Spanish 1A
8th Grade Spanish 1B